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Below you will find a list of useful, amateur radio related websites. Why not take a look?



Full details of RAOTA, membership info and list of regular nets.
Full details of the ISWL, including membership info and a full list of regular nets.
Multi-band SDR located in Cheshire, NW England.
Multi-band SDR located in Staffordshire. Now includes 80m CW sub-band.
Multi-band SDR located near St Albans, Hertfordshire
Derby area SDR (160m only).
Conwy area SDR (80m only).
Bedford SDR (80m only, including CW sub-band).
Carlow Kiwi SDR (includes CW sub-bands)
Wideband SDR at Twente, Netherlands.
Goonhilly QO-100 satellite SDR (10 GHz)